We Have A Problem

And do not want to talk about it

Day 8 since 19 elementary school children were heartlessly murdered while at school. I cannot imagine what it is like for those families. I am not even trying. I can say with certainty that my emotions have run the gamut from anger all the way to depression.

I feel rather helpless.

There are days when I feel as though all I can offer are thoughts and prayers. And that feels infinitely empty in light of how many thoughts and prayers have been offered up and how infinitely little has changed.

It feels like taking the Lord’s name in vain.

It feels like sin.

The death of children who should have been protected is sin.

The inaction of police officers to stop it is sin.

Sending our kids to school with bulletproof backpacks and active shooter drills while it is largely preventable in the first place is its own kind of sin.

Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it. (James 4:17)

Banning assault weapons (again) would likely have a powerful impact on the number of people killed in mass shooting events, even though the majority of them involve handguns. Because an automatic weapon fires more rounds at a time, thereby increasing the amount of carnage.

Red flag laws, if implemented and enforced, coupled with the proper mental health interventions could have an equally powerful impact.

We know this. We know it is the right thing to do. Yet we are not doing it.

In a deep-rooted way, we do not even want to do it.

We do not want to do it because of how deeply selfish we are.

At the end of the day, this is the true founding principle of America as we know it. People came here to make more money for themselves. To find fame. To worship however they wanted. To be the ones who were in control of their own destiny and the destiny of others. The early colonizers did not commit genocide out of love for other people because you cannot kill someone and also claim to love them.

This is the problem. This is why we are not willing to protect our children.

19 children died and the first thing some people did was make sure their guns would not be taken away. 19 children died and people ran to the defense of the second amendment. Chunks of plastic and metal were put before the lives of our nation’s children.

This is America.

We do not want to talk about America. Not about the real America. We do not want to talk about systemic racism. We do not want to talk about Religiously encouraged genocide. We do not want to talk about the deep-rooted bigotry that too many of us are teaching our children.

We are selfish.

And we do not want to talk about it.



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Jeremy Zerby

Jeremy Zerby

Hermeneutics, religion, pop psychology, self-help, and culture. They are all connected, and I am here to explain how.