Still Not About You

Selfishness is still not an option

After I wrote my last piece on selfishness, I seriously thought that might be the last I would have to say on the matter. I should have known better.

I should have known there would be new forms of selfishness devised regularly.

I should have known certain kinds of people refuse to keep their divisive rhetoric to themselves.

I should have known.

What I did not expect, though, was that our children would become the next weapon in the fight. In part because we talked about our kids already as well. About how their education is important and requires discussing hard facts (here and here). In those stories, I lay out the very real fact that we need to expose our kids to some of these hard truths in the hopes of changing them and making things better going forward.

And yet, that does not seem to be what parents are interested in doing. Parents have decided to use their kids as weapons in the fight for their own political and social agendas.

The past few months have been absolutely awful for our nation’s schools. Not because of elearning or masks, but because of what has been going on in, and outside of, the school boards. Teachers, board members, and even their children have faced harassment and death threats.

Yes, parents have indeed harassed teachers and children over these things. Parents have physically assaulted school board members. In one story, because a school board chairperson’s child was trans, she was told she should be charged with child endangerment. And after she lost the next school board election, another kid from the school told her that now they could get back to running off sickos like her kid.

Read the story I linked to above or just google what is going on in our nation’s school boards if you think I am making these things up.

I have got news for you: absolutely none of that is about the children.




Every single time a parent screams and yells about SEL and teaching on diversity, it is not about the students.

When a parent threatens the life of a teacher because he supports mask-wearing in school, that is not about the students.

When a parent stands before a school board and mouths off about hidden Marxist propaganda, that is not about the students.

These parents are not worried about the impact of any of this on their kids. These parents are worried about losing control of the narrative.

A parent is unable to teach their kids that black people are lazy if their kid is being taught at school that there was a time when black people were paid much less than white people and that, as a result, there was less accumulated wealth within a black family to pass on in comparison to white families doing similar work, therefore creating the disparities in income that we see today. Or that black people often face harsher sentences for the same crimes committed by white people thereby making it that much harder for them to find meaningful work after their sentences are up.

These parents are losing control of the narrative.

The reason parents are abandoning their families to await the resurrection of JFK Jr. is because they have lost control of the narrative. Their kids have been given vital critical thinking skills thanks to things like Social Emotional Learning.

Which these parents are also suddenly in vocal opposition to.

If you read any of the news on these issues, you will notice that very little is said by these parents about the impact on their children.

Because it is not about their children.

It is about them and their own political agendas.

I could point out countless other examples, but let me get to the point: your kid’s education is not about you. It never has been and never will be. Your child’s education is about preparing them to live and function in the world of tomorrow. They are growing in the world of today and will be the leaders of the world tomorrow.

Our children's education is about moving them forward. Not dragging them back.

It matters little whether or not you support masks or Trump or whatever it is that you have chosen as your hill to die on. What matters is whether or not we are giving our children the tools necessary to be successful.

And that has precious little to do with you.

Our kids are growing up in a diverse world. A world much less white than the one we grew up in. You are hurting your child by insulating them from that world. You are making it harder for them to lead in the future.

One of the greatest acts of selfishness you can take is to focus on your own personal agendas to the neglect of preparing your child for the future.

Because it is not about you.