Integrity and Transformation

Integrity is both act and sign

A few months back, I wrote some pieces on integrity, which you can read here, here, and here if you are interested in a refresher on what I have said previously. In the current climate, especially here in the states, integrity is not a popular topic. In fact, certain of our leaders have built their fortunes and now their political campaigns on their lack of integrity. And as a nation, we have simply accepted this as “normal” or have found ways to justify it to ourselves or others.

Prominent religious leaders have seen to their own downfalls due to their lack of integrity as well. From those with virtually no name outside their immediate circles to men like Jerry Falwell Jr. and his issues at Liberty University.

The takeaway from this is that cultivating or promoting integrity is simply not commonplace.

At a personal level, this is indicative of the fact that we not only lack integrity ourselves, but also are not on a path of transformation.

Integrity is not only a sign that you are actually transformed, but also an act you make to cultivate your own transformation.

Integrity as indicator

When you are living a life of transformation, or when you are on a path of transformation, the way you act, speak, think, etc changes. You begin to act, speak, and think differently.


You gradually begin to become more outward focused. Other people begin to matter. Empathy becomes more easily attainable. Even if you do not support it, you begin to understand why people are rioting and, as a result, bring to the table tangible actions to make it end.

You begin to more naturally live a life of integrity.

No one has to convince you that a lie is not some kind of alternative truth. You will see a lie as a lie and address it as such. And you will stand by that assertion no matter what it might cost you.

If you have been an individual who has lacked integrity previously, as you embody a transformative lifestyle, people will clearly see the change in how you carry yourself. They will see this new level of integrity that you are living in. It may not undo the consequences brought on by your previous failures of integrity, but the change will still be noticeable to others and it will be acknowledged.

Integrity as act

The fascinating thing about integrity is that, while it is true that it is the fruit or proof of a life of transformation, it is also an act that one can do to facilitate transformation.

For example, in the late 1990s, a film was released called Bulworth. Warren Beatty stars as a politician who has, for years, lied about his personal political stances and his family dynamics to get reelected. He gets tired of the lies and decides to, more or less, ruin his chances of reelection so it can all end. He finds himself in the company of Halle Berry and her family, coming into contact with some of the very people he had been lying to during his political career. As he finds himself and accepts some of his actual ideals and begins to live those out, as he begins to live a life of integrity to himself, he changes more and more.

When we make a conscious decision to live with integrity, it ultimately changes us. Always for the better.

The more we live with integrity, the easier it becomes to live lives of integrity. It changes us. We begin to, consciously and unconsciously, live transforming lives.


If this article has moved you in any way, feel free to share it on your social media platform of choice. And if you need some help grounding yourself and redirecting your life towards one of integrity, send me an email at I would love to help.



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